ARIES is a BBSRC-funded resource of epigenomic information on a range of human tissues, including DNA methylation data on peripheral blood at multiple time points across the lifecourse.

For full details on the resource please see the ARIES resource profile in the International Journal of Epidemiology:
Caroline L Relton, Tom Gaunt, Wendy McArdle, Karen Ho, Aparna Duggirala, Hashem Shihab, Geoff Woodward, Oliver Lyttleton, David M Evans, Wolf Reik, Yu-Lee Paul, Gabriella Ficz, Susan E Ozanne, Anil Wipat, Keith Flanagan, Allyson Lister, Bastiaan T Heijmans, Susan M Ring, and George Davey Smith. Data Resource Profile: Accessible Resource for Integrated Epigenomic Studies (ARIES) Int. J. Epidemiol. (2015) 44 (4): 1181-1190

ARIES used both Illumina Infinium 450k methylation arrays and BS-seq approaches to generate epigenetic data on a number of samples from the ALSPAC cohort. In addition genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of several human tissues in conjunction with matched peripheral blood samples was also be performed using Illumina Infinium 450k methylation arrays to enable comparison of methylation levels between tissues.